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The problem I identified was something I had a personal connection with. As a person who does not like cooking, I very much hope that I can find a good way to skip cooking by myself and without spending too much money. After conducting research and interviews, I found that many people had different reasons but similar needs. 

There are many people who too busy or lazy to cook, especially in the city. Or some people may not be a good cook, so they would rather someone else do the cooking. The ready-to-eat pasta company Artisola commissioned its State of Home Cooking Survey, which found that only 27% of Americans actually get behind a stove to cook every day.


I decided to create an app that lets people hire a private cook to make your meals in your home for a reasonable cost. The app allows you to save time and energy and enjoy a tasty meal in the privacy of your own home.

Target Users

  • People who don't have time to cook

  • People who are lazy to cook

  • People who are not good at cooking

  • People who don't like to eat outside

  • People who don't like cooking

Competitive Audit

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A mobile marketplace allowing you to connect with and hire a Professional Chef

  • Professional Chef Only

  • Not Cheap

Yelp is your local guide for finding the perfect place to eat, shop, drink, explore, and relax. 

  • Finding restaurants

  • Order Delivery

  • Order Take out

ezCater helps busy people find and order great food for their meetings and events, right from their mobile device.

  • Order Delivery

  • Big Event Only

Questionnaire Summaries
( The number of participants: 15)

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Visual Inspiration

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The first part is to set up an account. The app will ask for your personal information and your kitchen information in order to make the cook  easier.

The second part is to find your cook or customer. In this section, you can find your private cook by either food category or different cook's last post. If you are a cook, you can find your customer by seeing different customer's post. 

The third part is a chatting room. You can find the contact information of all the people you used to work with in this app. Message, Video call, Email, and Phone call are the main function of this section.

The last part is the user profile. In here, you can edit your personal information and your kitchen information. You can also see the history and reviews.

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